Fishing Excursion Ideas

Instead of chartering a boat for a fishing trip, try some other options: fly fishing, or fishing from a kayak instead.

Today you are going to be treated to a lesson in how to buy a fishing kayak. I am actually gearing this information to my clients who enjoy water sports like stand up paddle boarding when they go island hopping in the Caribbean. Some want to practice a bit at home before they go. Kayaking is a great alternative to other forms of boating, whether you intend to catch fish or not. You don’t need to charter a boat once you find out about fly fishing and fishing from kayak. The point is that I recommend a fishing excursion of some type for every island vacation. Tourists constantly rave about the experience, prompting me to include it on every must do list. People like to go native, so they tend to go with the flow when they get to their destination. Kayaking is very common.

When scouting out good quality fishing kayaks, I found the Blackfood HB Angler. It comes highly recommended. Named after the legendary Blackfoot River in Montana, Aquaglide’s rugged kayak will effortlessly glide you into your favorite honey hole on the river of your choice whether it be in the wilds of the US or on an island. With plentiful Scotty mounts within reach, the Blackfoot can be completely customized to tackle the wildest angling missions of your dreams. Industry leading stiffness, crucial for efficient paddling and casting, is forged through the use of premium-grade drop-stitch combined with a proprietary powerstrip. The commercial-grade Duratex hull construction provides long-lasting performance, while the forward Splash-Guard helps keep you dry while you paddle to your secret fishing spot. With sturdy molded handles positioned around the boat, you will be able to board the boat easily and quickly. A mounted Rugged Core seat lets you paddle comfortably for hours. Equipped with a high backrest, mesh storage pocket, integrated fishing-rod holders, fore and aft support straps, and an infinite adjustment system for a longer and more comfortable fishing experience. The Blackfoot Angler comes with a high-performance fin system which includes a stiff, durable, foiled fin with unique quick-release for easy setup. Adjustable footrest improves comfort and paddling efficiency. High-pressure HB floor creates a solid Hard-Bottom platform that is incredibly stiff and responsive. HB floor supports up to 12 psi air pressure for a hull that is as stiff as fiberglass and stable enough to tolerate standing. High-pressure spring valve uses common Halkey-Roberts type fitting. A convenient backpack-style travel bag included. 400-lb. capacity. The kayak weighs 32 lbs. 10’6″L x 3.

If it sounds complicated, don’t be intimidated. All these features are meant to make you feel secure. All you really need to know is that you get:

  • Premium-grade drop-stitch construction
  • Rugged core seat for longer-lasting comfort
  • Integrated fishing rod holders
  • Infinite adjustment system
  • Convenient backpack travel bag included

You probably are no expert by now, but this is a basic guide for what you should look for. I hope you enjoy your kayak.