Why Go Caribbean?

Why Go Caribbean

This is an honest question, and one I get asked all the time. With so many amazing places to vacation around the globe, why go Caribbean? I’ll tell you why: because the beaches, the culture, and the relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect destination for just about anyone.

The Caribbean checks off many of the boxes people have for vacations: great food, adventures for all ages, and wonderful escapes!

Foodies don’t often think of the Caribbean as an ultimate destination, but they are so wrong! Many of the Caribbean islands had native peoples who were then colonized by other countries. Which means a unique cuisine unlike any other. Remember, the main reason many of the imperial countries who colonized these places were looking for spices and produce that can’t be found anywhere else. The result is a fantastic mix of traditional local flavors are mixed with exotic spices and techniques. You get the foods of different nations, sometimes thousands of miles apart, in relatively close vicinities. I highly recommend Caribbean cruises for my foodies. They get to experience a wonderful blend of African, Arab, European, East Indian, Asian, and even some Native American cuisine. Yet they don’t have to travel all over the world to get it.

If you are looking for adventures, it is not hard to find a multitude of activities. The fantastic weather and gorgeous waters around the Caribbean mean there are great water sports available. Everything from scuba diving to explore a shipwreck, scenic boating, and amazing sportfishing, or exciting kayaking and waterskiing; there are tons to do. If the water isn’t your thing, there is always hiking through gorgeous rainforests, ziplining over a waterfall, or meeting exotic creatures. There are so many different cultures to explore as well—old forts and plantations, rum factory tours, and lots of museums and cultural centers. I always set my clients up with reputable local guides and tours to be sure that they will be getting the best out of anything they decide to do.

The majority of people going on vacation are the ones who come in looking for a great escape, whether it be to recharge their batteries or reconnect with loved ones. Maybe they just want to sit on a beach chair with their feet in the sand, listening to the waves crash as they read a book or take a nap. They want that Corona commercial. Or they want to frolic in the fun and sun with their kids. The Caribbean can certainly give them that! Some of the world’s most famous beaches can be found in this section of the world. National Geographic has St. Bart’s in its top 10 best beaches in the world. Condé Nast Traveler has St. John’sV.I., Anguilla, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico in their top 20 list. And with over 1,000 islands, beaches are everywhere. You could go to the Caribbean every year and not have to visit the same place twice. For these types of clients, I can usually find the perfect vacation destination by determining what level of crowd they are willing to tolerate and what resort level they are thinking of. This makes it super easy to narrow it down to a manageable amount of choices for them to pick from.

So there you have it. The Caribbean is a fabulous destination that can fulfill every one of your vacation dreams.