Dream Vacation Home

I have daydreams sometimes of the perfect vacation home in the Caribbean of course. Each island has its own unique style of architecture, but ideal home away from home abodes usually have certain things in common. Rental homes are not always deluxe, but you want a comfortable amount of space. First and foremost you want a living room or sitting area with a water view. How great is that! You want to survey the beach and watch the waves from your picture window. You want a yard so you can enjoy the sunny climate without having to go more than a few feet. A balcony that overlooks such a garden will also do nicely. It all adds up to a feeling of openness and expansive space. You don’t want to be cooped up in a small efficiency condo. A single family house it must be if you are to enjoy a top-flight vacation. This can run into some money, but certain island locales are cheaper than others and it pays to ask an agent like me. You can go online, but you have to week through so much information; but at least you will have photos. Basically, you want to imagine yourself and your family in the space. Does it feel right?

You also want nice large bedrooms so you can spread out and not feel cramped. You must have at least a minimal closet and a place to stow luggage to keep it from being underfoot. You also want a view from the bedrooms if you can. Then there is the matter of the kitchen. Some are so darned antiquated and you can barely turn on the stove. So some modernization is required if you ae listing the qualities of your perfect vacation home. It doesn’t matter if it is gas or electric as long as the appliance works. It should be clean as a whistle and contain at least an apartment sized fridge. No doubt you won’t be cooking much since you will want to taste the local fare for your meals.

Let’s not forget the bathrooms. For some people, they make or break a deal. You will be lucky to get more than one and hopefully it will be a decent size. You want a full-size shower and a nice soaker tub/Jacuzzi and some decorative fixtures so that it feels clean and modern. One house I saw for a client had the most beautiful oil-rubbed bronze faucet. I think I was sold on the property for her just because of that. The expense of the faucet continued and the rest of the bathroom had matching towel bars and cupboard pulls. It was lovely. I like these kinds of little details—like hand-painted tiles in the kitchen or a plethora of plants on the back stoop. The bedrooms each was painted a bright island color and the living room had a glorious hand-loomed area rug. Finding something out of the ordinary is always my goal.