Finding Time for Fitness

I am a bit of a fitness buff. I dread sitting at the computer hour after hour—it’s such a sedentary life. They say it is really bad for your health. You need to stand up every so often or move about once every hour. Of course, I rely on my gym to take care of my physical fitness needs. Don’t we all? You can go early in the morning before work or just after. Some lucky souls squeeze an hour in a lunch. The point is to be regular with your program. If you are lucky enough to have a trainer, he or she will teach you about all the various machines. I must say that I don’t know how to operate most of them. I watch other people, but I can’t figure out what weight level is right for me.

The usual equipment is popular with gym patrons: treadmills, ellipticals, and the like. Every gym has a weight room and all kinds of equipment that works on the principal of resistance. One of my most favorite is the good ol’ rowing machine. It is simple to operate and provides a good upper body workout. I like it so much that I am thinking about getting one at home. I have a little space in the garage. All I have to do is put a heater nearby. I think part of the problem is that the gym only has one rower and I have to wait in line to use it. This is so frustrating. I can’t get there any earlier which might solve the problem. Work is a priority, and while the gym should be, I can’t always make the schedules work.

A rowing machine is a long metal bar with a seat on it. You strap your feet in. A handlebar is in front of you and you reach for it with two hands and then pull it all the way into your chest. The idea is to be consistent with the movement and to increase speed as you attain a selected goal of so many seconds, such as 500, my usual target. It challenges your upper body strength and the trainers say never to get below a certain resistance level. So you keep pumping back and forth while accelerating your heart beat. It is a good machine to use to start an exercise regime as it in effect serves as a warm up.

I am going to love having one of my own so I can use it day or night or on weekends. No more waiting for slowpokes at the gym who are not considerate when they see people waiting. I don’t have to be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. These rowers come in different sizes so I am making ample space next to my car in the garage. I will buy a plastic cover to protect it from dust and roof leaks. It is not ideal. I would prefer to put it in the house; but that would eliminate my guest room. Right now, that is not an option. No matter.